ISME-presidentti vieraili

ISME-presidentti vieraili

International Society for Music Education – ISME:n presidentti Susan O’Neill ja pääsihteeri Angela Ruggles kävivät katsomassa suomalaisia puitteita ISME:n maailmankonferenssia varten. Asiasta uutisoitiin maailmanlaajuisesti ISME:n jäsentiedotteessa.

Maailmankonferenssi pidetään Helsingissä 2.-7.8.2020.Vieraita tapahtumaan odotetaan noin 1 500. Kannattaa varata ajankohta jo nyt kalenteriin. Konferenssin valmistelut ovat jo täydessä vauhdissa Taideyliopiston organising commetteessa (Kuva alla).

Report from Helsinki – Tervetuloa!

The preparations have begun for 2020.

Tervetuloa! means welcome! in Finnish. I extend this warm welcome to you as I’ve just returned from a visit to Helsinki, Finland where the ISME 34th World Conference will take place from August 2-7, 2020. Helsinki is a vibrant city that is full of charm and life. Together with Angela Ruggles, ISME’s Chief Executive, we experienced friendly Finnish hospitality as we toured the conference venues and facilities during our meetings with Elina Laakso, Conference Chair and members of the local Conference Steering Committee.

The 2020 World Conference is hosted by the University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts) at the Sibelius Academy, one of the largest music academies in Europe. Located in the city centre at the Helsinki Music Centre, the Academy has state-of-the-art facilities and is also home to the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. There are two faculties: The Faculty of Classical Music and The Faculty of Music Education, Jazz, Folk and Global Music, Music Technology and Arts Management. In addition to the Sibelius Academy, Uniarts Helsinki consists of the Academy of Fine Arts and the Theatre Academy, which together provide a rich interdisciplinary arts environment for hosting an ISME conference. Jari Perkiömäki, Rector of the University of the Arts Helsinki and a jazz musician, extended a warm welcome to ISME members in anticipation of the ISME World Conference in 2020.

The theme of ISME 2020 is Visions of Equity and Diversity and topics associated with this theme will be woven throughout the conference and pre-conference seminars. In her article,Placing Equity Front and Centre, Sonia Nieto discussed the need to make equity and diversity ever-present in teacher education — culturally responsive and social justice education promotes teaching as a life-long journey of transformation. Although situated within a North American perspective, her call for greater equity and diversity in education has been echoed globally for nearly two decades. ISME 2020 will provide an opportunity for music education scholars and practitioners from around the world to reflect on the conference theme and to continue efforts “to engage with colleagues in a collaborative and imaginative encounter to transform their own practices to achieve equal and high-quality education for all students” (Nieto, 2000, p. 186).

Over the coming months, I will update you on the many exciting initiatives we have planned for ISME 2020. Look for the call for proposals in February 2019. ISME 2020 in Helsinki, Finland is certain to provide ISME members with high-quality and impactful opportunities for “collaborative and imaginative encounters”. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Susan O’Neill

Nieto, S. (2000). Placing equity front and center: Some thoughts on transforming teacher education for a new century. Journal of Teacher Education, 51(3) 180-187. Retrieved from here as a PDF.

Meet the Helsinki world conference organising committee for 2020

This is most of the 34th ISME World Conference organising, which has already begun work on the 2020 conference. Call for papers is slated to open in February 2019. You need to be an ISME member to submit a paper. We thank them in advance for the time and energy they are about to commit to creating another amazing world conference.